Welcome to the Wonderful World of Spanish Reading!

Our program is designed to make learning reading in Spanish an engaging and enjoyable experience for children. With a myriad of interactive activities, captivating stories, and delightful characters, we are here to ignite your child’s love for reading in Spanish.

Classroom Management

Classes for
children in Pre-K,
Kinder, first and
second grade.


For children in
Pre-K, Kinder, first
and second grade.

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Welcome to ABCgato

Whether they are just starting to
explore the language or looking to
enhance their reading skills, our
program provides a comprehensive
curriculum that adapts to each child’s
unique learning pace.


Courses and tutoring

Welcome to Our World of Effective Classroom Management!

Tools and resources to help teachers
seamlessly manage their classroom.

1-2 years



Courses and tutoring

First Grade

Courses and tutoring


Courses and tutoring

Second Grade

Courses and tutoring

A Favorite Place
for Fun and Joy

Join us on this exciting learning journey and watch as your child’s confidence
in reading soars!

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Qualified Teacher

Creating readers since 1995.

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We provide the Interactive activities

Through our fun and innovativeapproach, your little ones will develop a solid foundation in Spanish reading and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

Meet us

Dulce Boyd M.Ed

Florida Certified Teacher

Edgar Patino

Valhalla Digital Studio
App Developer

Steve Tan

Web Developer


El ABC gato

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Orlando, Florida, USA

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